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Ninety percent of automobile customers use dealers or manufacturer websites in the early stages of their decision-making process, looking up information online before consulting a seller. As part of the rebranding process, I collaborated with a brand agency to develop the content, design, and architecture for Estrima’s new responsive website, which we released in several languages. We explained the vehicle and benefits to the target audience through a progressive story and simple, lively, and clear sections. This storytelling showed visitors why Birò represents freedom and positive driving. The “I’m Easy” pay-off on the homepage captured the innovative and unconventional idea behind the power of Birò: making people’s daily journeys easier by saving them time and money while tackling climate change. An interactive and engaging configuration tool enabled visitors to view a personalized sales proposal that included financing options and demonstrated the positive impact their choice would have on the environment through reduced CO2 emissions or the equivalent number of trees planted. The new website helped build a customer database of more than 15,000 MQLs.


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• Web design (desktop & mobile): Studio Idee Materia