Birò Stores

Birò stores were designed to be welcoming spaces in prime, central locations where customers can experience the brand, test-drive Birò, and tangibly discover the advantages of a small electric vehicle. Sales staff, who serve as local brand ambassadors, established trust-based relationships with clients and provided expert advice. I worked with architectural and construction partners, suppliers, and design agencies to determine visual layouts that highlighted the vehicle and drew in customers. Spatial solutions and specifications were discussed with the dealers, ensuring that their expectations and Estrima’s design standards were met. My responsibilities included providing brand guidelines for the stores and reviewing design proposals before fabrication. I managed both large-and small-format items (high-resolution prints, posters, banners, display elements, catalogs, brochures, postcards, stickers, labels, flyers, etc.), together with operational aspects, timelines, and budgets. We had openings in Amsterdam, Milan, Lisbon, Vienna, and Osaka. To promote the new stores, we also planned and developed online and offline advertising campaigns and collaborated with our partners to ensure media coverage in their territories.


Store guide lines-6

Store guide lines-9

Gianpaolo Casciano_Estrima Biro_Store in Rome_2


Gianpaolo Casciano_Estrima Biro_Store in Amsterdam_2B


Gianpaolo Casciano_Estrima Biro_Store in Amsterdam_2


Gianpaolo Casciano_Estrima Biro_Yoom Store_Vienna_3

Gianpaolo Casciano_Estrima Biro_Yoom Store_Vienna_2


Store & Pop design: Studio Idee Materia