Birò Advertising

Birò’s leading advantages are its ultra-compact dimensions and ease of use. These benefits allow drivers to travel freely in cities, including low-emission zones (LEZ), and park in scooter spaces. Based on these qualities, we developed advertising campaigns with the tagline “Free to Move” and the pay-off, “I’m Easy.” Templates were available to European distributors, who could customize a specific space, allowing us to maintain the brand identity while enabling clients to advertise their showrooms and promotions. Online ads offered the opportunity to raise awareness, reach targeted prospects, and generate leads. With the support of a digital marketing agency, I ran pay-per-click Google Ads and remarketing campaigns, which progressively gained higher click-through rates and conversions. Ads and sponsored posts on Facebook helped increase reach, eventually attaining over 15,000 followers. Through these campaigns, we raised user interaction, drove visitors to landing pages with downloadable resources, and converted users’ interest into test-drive requests. Direct marketing via mailings and e-blasts were also part of these customer acquisition efforts. I created and implemented the growth marketing strategy, briefed the agencies, co-developed content, conducted tests, and measured performance to optimize and improve results.


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