Car Sharing

The phenomenon of preferring access to transportation over ownership is increasing and it is representative of a desire for a practical, flexible and convenient mode of living. Worldwide, car sharing vehicles are projected to grow from 170,000 today to 480,000 by 2020 and car sharing members are projected to grow from 12 million members today to 32 million by 2020. The majority (79%) of borrowers are between the ages of 25 to 44. They are frequent users of public transportation and bicycles, using them for 32% and 22% (respectively) of their trips. They make-up only 8% of private vehicle use. Car sharing, as well as the sharing economy system as a whole, has become a relevant economic trend that is creating new business opportunities due to a growing digital economy.

Currently, my work is focused on a new, innovative car sharing project. I began the project by performing research and analyzing trends both in the transportation and sharing economy markets. Now I am developing the business idea, creatively and strategically exploring options for each key point. I am in charge of managing the project, co-designing its architecture, making primary decisions about features and usability and coordinating the project team. My responsibilities include briefing the web programmers and supervising updates, clearly defining B2B and B2C targets, pricing products and services as well as planning objectives, priorities and timelines. I am also collaborating with a law firm to write the terms and conditions for contracts and with a communications agency to develop online and offline materials for the launch of the service to the market. The project is in progress so I can not tell you any details at the moment, but stay tuned to learn more.


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