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Established in 1948, UPA is the association that represents and advocates for the most important industrial, commercial and service companies that invest in advertising in Italy. Together with the Management Department of the prestigious and historical Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, UPA has organized and promoted the full time Master’s degree in International Marketing and Communications for several years. I attended its challenging and high level program in the academic years 2006–2007. That year, my class developed and launched the first edition of the Master’s calendar which reported different marketing topics and trends with case histories and examples for each month of the year. You could go further in depth with the topics on the corresponding website where we provided additional information as well as media. I came up with the concept, developed the idea, organized the content and designed both the printed calendar and the website. The calendar was distributed to member companies of UPA as well as Ca’ Foscari and visiting professors in a customized box. From our year forward, the calendar became an anticipated project for each master’s class.

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Content development: Master’s degree class
Web development: Solve
Backstage video: Mirko Di Gregoli

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